Days of the New

The Blue Note Presents

Days of the New

Decadent Nation

Thu, September 4, 2014

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm



This event is all ages

MINORS: $2 cash surcharge at the door for anyone under the age of 21.

Days of the New
Days of the New
After tragically disbanding in1998 all the original members of the DAYS OF THE NEW have reunited. That is Travis Meeks (vocals/ guitar), Todd Whitener (guitar), Jesse Vest (bass), and Matt Taul (drums),

The first DAYS OF THE NEW album was released in 1997, immediately selling 1.5 million copies worldwide. Three songs from this album were hits: "Touch, Peel and Stand," "The Down Town," and "Shelf in the Room."

The first was No. 1 on Billboard's Rock Chart for 17 weeks; "The Down Town" and "Shelf in the Room" were each top 40 hits.”Enemy” is also a Radio favorite. "Touch, Peel and Stand" is still consider one of the most successful videos of all time on MTV and VH-1.

Travis's second album "Green," the album sold 450,000 copies. It had two hit singles, the first was "Enemy" which reached No. 2 on Mainstream Rock Charts and No. 10 on Modern Rock Charts 4 and then the second was "Weapon and the Wound" which reached No. 10 on Mainstream Rock Chart.

After the bands controversial break up at their peak of popularity Todd Whitener, Matt Taul, and Jesse Vest would go on to form TANTRIC. They immediately were signed to Madonna's label Maverick and quickly had a platinum album with the smash hit “Breakdown”.

Now DAYS OF THE NEW is back and will be touring throughout 2014. With new material written – studio recording is predicted shortly.
Decadent Nation
Decadent Nation
Burning in the underground of modern music lies Decadent Nation. Since 2005, the group has charted a course of their own, touring nationwide and sharing the stage with the likes of Les Claypool, Three Days Grace, Candlebox and Chevelle. After two EPs and the release of their critically acclaimed 2010 full-length album So There Will Be No Doubt, DN embarked on a tour of military bases across the U.S. The group has even performed a handful of socio-politically themed guerilla concerts along the way. Entering into 2012, the band has begun work on their follow-up album titled Fortaleza. DN promises the effort to be “a collection of songs that would make seventies Rock Gods proud.”

DN has a wide range of influences. Their sound infuses the sounds of rock, metal, reggae and folk music. Their live show is epic to say the least. The band pushes the envelope show after show, bringing out the beast in all who are present, with epic guitar solos and visceral stage performance, DN leaves the crowd begging for more on a nightly basis.
Venue Information:
The Blue Note (MO)
17 N 9th St
Columbia, MO, 65201-4845