Shaman's Harvest

The Blue Note Presents

Shaman's Harvest

Six by Silver, Four Skeevy Dudes

Sat, November 10, 2012

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


Tickets Available at the Door

This event is all ages

A limited quantity of reserved balcony tables are available by request at our box office or by calling (573) 874 1944. Please note that you must purchase all four tickets at the table for a reservation. IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE 21, please be prepared to pay a $2 cash minor surcharge at the door in addition to purchasing a ticket.

Shaman's Harvest
Shaman's Harvest
Deep inside Missouri’s capital city, you will find one of the most amazing bands to emerge from the Midwest. This 4-piece features Nathan “Drake” Hunt on vocals, lead guitarist Ryan Tomlinson, Josh Hamler on rhythm guitar, bassist Matt Fisher. Together, they have formulated their own unique mix of modern and classic rock with a southern twist that has energized fans across the nation.
Shaman’s Harvest has successfully endured a long journey and cultivated a large national fan base. “Dragonfly,” from the album SHINE, truly showcased their unique ability to create a dynamic original sound. Their debut single from the critically acclaimed album landed on both the Billboard Active Rock (#13) and Heritage Rock (#9) charts and set the boys up to be one of the biggest truly independent rock bands of today. This brought on national tours with Adelitas Way, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Black Stone Cherry, AC/DC, not to mention the largest of national rock festivals. The band’s hard work and dedication to touring catapulted them into the spotlight and opened doors to many opportunities including professional sports teams, WWE wrestlers, and movie soundtracks using Shaman’s Harvest songs.
Spending most of 2012 in the studio, Shaman’s Harvest continues to forge ahead with their Fifth full-length album titled “Smokin Hearts & Broken Guns” due for release early 2014 featuring “Dangerous” as the first single, which will hit radio in the fall of 2013. In support of the new album, Shaman’s Harvest will be hitting the road in 2014 bringing thier unique style of Rock n Roll to a venue near you.
Six by Silver
Six by Silver
Whether it's the infectious beat and driving guitar of "One Day" or it's the vocal prowess and undeniable hook on the lead track and first single "Disease", Six by Silver's debut album Earthquake has all of the pieces to bring their music to the forefront of modern rock. Six by Silver originally formed in August of 2003 (known as Fused) and began performing throughout the St. Louis area garnering a buzz status along with an ever-growing fan base. After surviving several line-up changes and enduring both personal and professional failures and successes the band changed their name and moved forward. In November 2004, Six by Silver joined forces with well-known producer Malcolm Springer (Matchbox Twenty, Collective Soul, Greenwheel, Modern Day Zero) and began writing the tracks that make up Earthquake. Held up in the town of Portageville, MO in an old house with no climate control, very little running water and no means of escape; the band was cut down to the basics that fueled the creative drive behind the record. After nearly three weeks of emotional strain and being pushed to the limits, Six by Silver finished with the writing of the album and were ready to begin the recording process. The actual recording of the album was at time, very strenuous and lengthy, but was well worth it. Nearly four months into creating their debut album, Six by Silver emerged with a sound that expresses them as a whole and record worthy of your attention. From the blunt and biting "Make Believe" to the deep and revealing "Calm Before the Storm" to the accessible and infectious "Rain", Earthquake is an album full of fear, hatred, love, loss and all of the emotions that each of the band members have endured. Since all of this occured, a new breed of Six By Silver has started to get ready for the year 2008 and there will be quite a few new faces.......Original singer, Jason Schrick will be included with 4 new members that give this project a sense of revival. After a year and a half hiatus, the band will be writing a new record and playing some of the old tunes from the debut album "Earthquake." The music will take a different direction and the tunes will receive a little bit more of an edge. More to come...............
Four Skeevy Dudes
Four Skeevy Dudes
From Jefferson City Missouri four musicians came together to form what is now known as 4 Skeevy Dudes. With an exciting mix of Punk and Ska, 4 Skeevy Dudes have started making their mark on the music scene.

The lead singer-Trinity, also known as T to his friends, fronts this collection of talented artists. The energy and enthusiasm he brings to the stage is infectious as the bare footed front man pours sweat giving all that he has in every song to ensure that the crowd feels the music like intended.

Guitarist-Joe with his old school punk thrasher drives the music. He rocks on his low riding guitar slamming the strings with every down stroke, producing a sound that any punk fan would love.

Bassist-Chad, beats on his ax with ferocity, and was known to play a show with nothing but his bass and naked glory. “I never felt like an actual bass player until this band”.

Drummer-Chris pours his heart and sole into every show. Numerous times the drum set is vacated for a quick exhaustion vomit outback and then back on the drums…not missing a beat.
Venue Information:
The Blue Note (MO)
17 N 9th St
Columbia, MO, 65201-4845